Roslyn Quin
Photo by the wonderful Alysander Stanley
A bubbling extrovert and obvious Scorpio, Roslyn is best known for her sell-out Melbourne Fringe Festival show ‘The Red Bird and Death’, though if you ever catch someone calling her ‘your majesty’ you may have found the rare few people who can pick her out of her chilling prosthetics from the “The Goblin Ball: Ice Kingdom”.

Inspired by the reflections of the simplest of truths in the most lavish of tales and the ageless ache for wonder, Roslyn uses oral storytelling, performance and mixed media to breath life into the folkloric worlds in her mind and invite the characters within to come out and grasp onlookers by the hands, hearts and minds.
Now found living by a creek in the far east of Melbourne in a small house that looks like Dumbledore and Baba Yaga got drunk and fought over the interior design, Roslyn spends her spare time swanning around with a glass of wine on opening night or buying more ‘thank-goodness-you-don’t-live-at-home-anymore’ curiosities at the markets



Roslyn works with original and traditional tales and poetry. While she is comfortable in front of a young audience, her true passion is enchanting an older audience with tales they thought they had outgrown.

She has performed for a wide range of audiences, from folklore scholars in University classrooms and pannels of judges in speaking competitions to rowdy drunken pirates and a swarm of highly trained martial artists. She’s even bartered stories for goods at markets.

Roslyn enjoys performing in or collaborating on projects as broadly ranged as photography, performance, writing…and anything else you could dream up.

Previous Shows

Echos of Heirlooms – Glen Eira Storytelling Festival
Writer, producer, performer
The Goblin Ball – Terra Bayou
Interactive character – The Baroness of Terra Bayou
The Village Festival
The Pirate Tavern
Storyteller and Mystic Vendor
Midsummer Fairy Rade – Golden Owl Events
Symposium on Folklore and Fairytale – Monash University
Guest Performer
As The River Tells It – Words on the Wind
Jack and Jill: The Murderers of Whitechapel
Actor and Storyteller
The Village Festival
Ladders to the Moon
Resident Storyteller
Federation Square Fresh Air Festival
Roving Storyteller
LeS StringS Burlesque Show
Dark Nights of Desire Cabaret
The Goblin Ball: Fire Realm
Interactive Character of Fire Goddess
Ladders to the Moon
Resident Storyteller
Jack and Jill: The Poisoners of London – Madness and Tea
Guest Performer and interactive character
The Goblin Ball: Ice Kingdom – Dark Realm
Interactive character of Malphoria, the Ice Queen
In Fairy Land: A Symposium on Folklore and Fairytale – Monash University
Guest Presenter/Storyteller
Midsummer Fairy Rade – Golden Owl Events
Interactive character – Fairy Queen
The Red Bird and Death – in conjunction with Golden Owl Events
Writer, Storyteller and Creative Director
Pirate Quest – Golden Owl Events
Interactive Character – Captain Penny Dreadful