The Red Bird & Death

The Red Bird and Death Crew…Death included

Come shelter from the night in the warmth of a rustic tavern in the heart
of Melbourne. Take your drink in hand and hear the Storyteller as she weaves tales both beautiful and horrid of strange adventures in faraway lands.

Hear stories of murderous spirits lurking in forests and gamblers who attempt to cheat the devil, the mysterious hanging of the criminal in the town square and the last journey of a grandfather’s wonderous shoes.

Be inspired by the grisly adventure of two courageous young lovers and face the inevitable visit of Death itself.

An intimate experience of story, music and puppetry for all ages.
What started as a solo storytelling show grew to an all out immersive performance of tales, puppetry and music. Sell out shows and people coming back again and again….this amazing show couldn’t have been done with anything less than amazing love and passion from those supporting it.

Produced by Olivia Duval of Golden Owl Events
Written and told by Roslyn Quin
Puppetry by Fyodor Krasniy, Emma Buckley, Matt Hood and Kieren Martin
Music by XIBE8,Matt Brown, Peter Dumsday, and Shannon Millard

With thanks to Emma Patterson, Janet Coath, William O’Malley and the many other wonderous people who gave their time and passion to the project.

“The creative density of this show was impressive. The best word to describe The Red Bird and Death is charming…both in the sense of bringing joy and enchanting us with its magic. Roslyn Quin was a shining presence exuding warmth, wisdom, and youthful good-humour. This show is already selling out, so buy tickets immediately. ” – Katherine Phelps – Full Review

“If your favourite childhood stories walk on the wilder side, you’ll relish Roslyn Quin’s tales of monsters, crooks and devils set to music and puppetry.” – Melbourne City Weekly – Melbourne Fringe Festival – Top Cuts

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