As The River Tells It

snapshot by Jackie Kerin

Storyteller and resident oddity, Roslyn Quin takes the audience on a trip around the new myths of the Docklands as part of the Words on the Wind series.

In the shadowy mirrors of her stories, immigrant’s tales transform in to soulful spirits, colourful characters feel a little too familiar, and a old monster gets a new breath of life.

As the River Tells It, is an immersive, original storytelling performance of transformation, inspired by the myth and history of the Docklands.

Roslyn brings her haunting tales to the stage with music, puppetry and movement, to draw the audience into a world of familiar strangeness and to wonder at the waters around.

With much thanks to the Library at the Dock and City of Melbourne, and the beautiful members of Storytelling Victoria…. And of course my talented Matts who worked their magic again.

This amazing show couldn’t have been done with anything less than amazing love and passion from those supporting it.

Written and told by Roslyn Quin
Puppetry by Matt Hood
Music by Matt Brown

“The sense that you get with Roslyn’s work is that the story is not just being related, it is being explored. There is humour and horror, fear and courage…and most of all a very recognisable and relatable humanity among her heroes and her villains. Even the ones covered in scales or fur.” – Alex, audience member review.

“Roslyn takes the audience on a journey that transforms the Docklands in to a mythological fantasy land, drawing inspiration from the city’s history and traditional folklore” Chloe Strahan, reporter – Docklands News

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