Meeting Wordsworth

This darling little creature is named Wordsworth, who made his debut with me at the Midsummer Faerie Rade this past Sunday. 

He spent the day playing wih children and trying to nibble my nose as I answered questions about his construction. 

For a creature without a voice, he certainly made himself noticed; delighting the kids by playing fetch, stealing candy, and revelling in belly scratches. 

After prompting from the children he developed a complex and amusing backstory, as being a book eating creature who takes on elements of the books that he eats (wolves from Red riding hood, little gems from a book on jewelery making, scales from a book on reptiles, feathers from a book on how to train parrots…etc) with the only thing he can eat without absorbing elements from being bananas.

Thank you to Cassie and Duncan for these photos of Wordsworth’s first outing.


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