Inspirations – Slava Polunin


The Inspirational Slava Polunin

One of the best shows I’ve seen, Slava’s Snowshow, I saw entirely by accident. My darling friend Lilly had an extra ticket and I tailed along, not really knowing what to expect.

What I walked out with was sore muscles from laughter, smudged make-up from tears, and a complete ‘love affair with everything’ buzz as I picked snowfetti out of my hair to lovingly tuck into the program I had shyly held out for signatures (I get tongue-tied very easily when I’m overwhelmed…it’s pretty much the only way to get me to be quiet).

My favorite act from Slava’s Snowshow

That show and other pieces of Slava’s work has always been an inspiration for me and a reminder to what movement can do – but then today this came across one of my feeds…and I became even more in awe of the man.

The show I saw drew down the barrier between children and adults to get genuine reactions of enchantment and wonder.
And that – more than anything – is something I aspire to.

I don’t want to say too much more as the video and pictures can easily speak for themselves and I am mostly putting this here so I don’t loose a link that will no doubt be a regular visit when I get stuck.

So who inspires you? I have a whole list of posts like this planned but if you think there’s someone that needs to be mentioned – don’t wait. Comment!

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