New Friends

The Wonderful Dörte Henschel doing what she does best (Not my photo)

This weekend I caught up with the delightful Dörte Hentschel from Berlin. I was so excited to meet Dorte as we are both the same age.

This may seem silly, but in the Storytelling world I do not get to meet people who are in the same stage of life as I am, and I am sure Dörte felt the same way.

We hit it off fantastically, relating on quite a lot of topics and easily falling in to comfortable conversation over a delicious meal and then a quick trip to one of my favorite op shops.

Speaking with Dörte over lunch and again at Ladders to the Moon, has given me a great perspective on Melbourne and the English Language – as she speaks so favorably about the rhythm in our language and the charm of our sun burnt land.

I also got a insight on her own storytelling projects and the challenges she faces with old tales that tie to the darker side of Germanic history and how she is attempting to work around them in creative and sensitive ways.

Over cacao smoothies I enthused to her on monsters and my love of them when they reflect something not as cruel, but as natural predators or protectors (such as bunyips protecting their young as any mother of any species would or preying on children who come close to their stomping ground – not with malice but simply as part of the food chain as any tiger, wolf or bear might).

We discussed the expectation of travelling storytellers to tell stories from their own land and weather it was relevant – as well as many other non-story related topics.

All in all, I was utterly charmed by Dörte, both her stories and her insights, and I can’t wait until she visits Melbourne again! If she’s performing here again I’ll let you all know.


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