Jack and Jill: The Poisoners of London

A quirky and macabre tale of homicidal competition and love set in Victorian London – Jack and Jill: The Poisoners of London sprang from from the minds of some of the Red Bird and Death crew.

Jack and Jill: The Poisoners of London
The frightfully talented Fyo and Emma B have created a hybrid cabarplay* that will dazzle you, entertain you, and possibly splatter you in blood (this is Fyo’s work, after all).

I am writing a custom story for the show that I can’t wait to share with the audiences of J&J…and you may see me wandering around before and after the shows…and in other scenes as well.

The character of the Storyteller is a wandering trader, and a feisty one at that. I can’t wait to play her. I love when I am handed a part, and given reign to make the character and their interactions as I see fit.

Expect updates as the show gets closer…with Clockwork Butterfly involved I imagine I’ll be gloating over costumes a bit.

Details of the show are as follows – tickets available from the website:

Nov 12-17th- Jack and Jill: The Poisoners of London
The torrid tale of two high class serial killers romancing their way through the seedy underbelly of Victorian London.
Featuring an irreverently sinister swathe of Melbourne’s most subversive cabaret entertainers and burlesque artists.
The Butterfly Club – 5 Carson Pl, Melbourne, Victoria


* A play interspersed with cabaret performances from magicians, burlesque dancers and, of course, a storyteller…and, yes, I just made up the word Caberplay.

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