My First Climb

Ladders to the Moon
Me getting into the story as the bride-to-be opens the meat chest and is repulsed by it’s content… Photo by Jackie Kerin


Sunday night was my first time at the beautiful event called Ladders to the Moon…and I must say, it’s love at first sight….or  should I say, first telling.

Starting, as I did, jumping in the deep end with a full solo show I missed out on the amazing community that surround the Storytelling world and events such as Ladders.

My first inkling of this community came from joining the Victorian Storytellers Guild and attending the AGM…but I saw it in full swing last night. The genuine desire to support other tellers and hear new stories.

I have already been invited back to tell and am now counting the days until October 13th to perform again and be around these wonderful people.

Thanks to the lovely people who came along and supported me, in particular the surprise visit from Will, who – despite being a key member of the construction team of The Red Bird and Death never actually got a chance to see the performance (some nonsense about having to go on a trip overseas…)…so hopefully Ladders gave him a taste of what he missed out on!

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