Ladders To The Moon

I am thrilled to have been invited to tell at a new Storytelling night in Melbourne called ‘Ladders to the Moon’.

I will be telling on the 15th of September amougst eight other talented tellers at Bar 303 in Northcote.

Ladders to the Moon flyer
I met one of the organisers, Simon Oats, at a workshop he was running on Storytelling (highly recommended, by the way! Simon is a fabulous teacher, walking the line between providing direction and encouraging creativity well.)

After talking some he told me about Ladders. The invite came not long after, but due to other commitments I have had to wait until this month in order to climb the Ladders stage.

I am terribly excited to work beside other tellers in a curated event for the public.

I met some of the other tellers that are involved just the other day to get a photo for the newspaper, and they are all absolutely lovely, though I must say I had a tinge of ‘newcomer nerves’ which was not lessened at all by the experience of the group.

For more information – go to the Facebook event: Ladders to the Moon – Sept 15th

We would all love to see you there, especially little newcomer me!

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