Come Away With Me

‘I see you’

Ah, you’ve found me.

Or rather, this blog.

A behind-the-scenes collection of musings about a web presence for a collective of folklore-inspired projects.

Akin to an art journal, this is where I’ll post photos, videos and snippits of thoughts of the processes behind each adventure, show, and shoot.

There will also be little personal tidbits and perhaps the odd ogling over other artists and projects.

This whole website is about connecting with people, and in the space between me, them and you, we can make a space for stories and breath life in to them.

I have been blessed to fall across others who also take inspiration from darkened forests, indescribable beasts and foggy-eyed mystics and you’ll see them pop up here regularly. In fact, it is through these like minded creatives that I fell in to storytelling and character performance…something I’d danced on the edge of for so long without actually figuring out what it was that I was doing.

So I shared my stories, then I started telling and people came with their instruments and tools and listened to my stories and we built a show.

‘The Red Bird and Death’ was one of the best times of my creative life…not for what I achieved on stage, but for what was going on off stage. After the first show ended I was grasped by the arm by one of the older audience members and shyly asked if she would be allowed on stage to sit in the beautiful monster chair that my puppeteers had made me.

Before long I was at the bar sharing stories (listening to others, mostly, recounting tales they’d heard when they were little from their Nonna) and shedding costume for people to try on (My jacket was quite popular) while the puppeteers slipped around the props and puppets making them dance or grab at audience members trying to get some photos with their own little piece of the world we’d made.

‘Pleasure to meet you’

They didn’t want to leave, and I didn’t either. So once Red Bird finished it’s season….even before that….we were setting ideas in motion to make more bits of worlds.

So that brings me to here, in a round about way…via everything from open mic nights and presenting to universities, typing to you from a place to put the bits of those worlds, big and small, and blog to share it all with you.

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