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(Photo and Header image by the wonderful Sol Santana of Break Free Photography, edited by Olivia Duval)
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Pull up a chair and settle in to explore the home of Miss Roslyn Quin – a passionate participant of the playful, a devoted dreamer of dramatic descriptions and compulsive collector of the curious….and all of her enchantingly talented friends.

Come play with us.

“The best word to describe The Red Bird and Death is charming…both in the sense of bringing joy and enchanting us with its magic. Roslyn Quin was a shining presence exuding warmth, wisdom, and youthful good-humour.” – Melbourne Fringe Festival reviewer Katherine Phelps

Upcoming Events

Due to a recent car accident, the next month or two are designated recovery time. But stay tuned for 2016 events! 

Stay tuned, after I return the curios to the cabinets I will be working on a very special project….